Daylighting design performance

According to the solar calculator below, by plugging in the correct numbers, from the angle of incidence, when it is 90 degrees, it means that there will be no sunlight going through into the building, shadow will be coming up, and sunlight starts to pass through from hour 14:00 - 18:00. And in December, it is most likely all self-shaded. From these three charts, I can then determine how much I should be cover up by building by adding more translucency to the facade as my facade is mainly glass enclosure with steel structure holding up.

Latitude: 29
Surface azimuth: 145
Surface tilt: 90
Trans @ Normal: 0.9



Glass facade is being used all over the building, but different translucency and patterns of glass will be used throughout the building. The top floor will be covered with fritted glass, having a pattern of dots over the glass, will help to shade the theater floor on the top, to give more privacy. Second floor, will be covered with louvers glass, gives more exposure to natural light to light up the art work in the gallery space. while the second and first floor will be the most open, one purpose is to give mroe view form inside out and vice versa, in order to attract people's attention.

The yellow areas are the skylight area. Mainly in the middle, which allow light into the theater lobby area, and partially into the gallery area. The other skylight parts letting light to pass through the light glass tubes throughout the whole building.